Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comic Relief

We've been blessed with a wonderful host couple during our time here in Xenia.  P&B have a place about 15 minutes outside of town and our bedroom overlooks their 10 acres of pasture, garden, and pond.  They've got 14 chickens which provide 14 eggs a day (hmm... maybe I should make pound cake or angel food cake?), two dogs, a horse, and a donkey.

We love the donkey.  Greg is laughing right now about the donkey.  That donkey gets to hee-hawing and forgets to stop.  We'll be working away in our room, enjoying the quiet of the night and the chirping of the crickets, when the silence is abruptly broken by, "eeee-hawww, heeeee-hawwwww, heeeeeee-hawwwww." And then we laugh like crazy.  Sometimes we laugh like crazy just thinking about the donkey.

So tonight?  We caught the donkey here in an audio file.  Now you can laugh at our donkey too. :)

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Rachel said...

LOVE your story about the donkey...I don't blame you for having a fun laugh each time you think about the donkey. :) Isn't is sooooo fun how God provides us those fun times of comic relief? It's special!

P.S. If you make a pound cake or angel food cake with some of those eggs, I want a piece. :-D