Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gosling Sighting

It's been a quiet couple days here in Ohio.  For the last week, we would head to our temporary office space each day and meet up with LightSys partner Tim each morning.  The three of us work work on various LightSys and ICCM projects during the morning and then I'd head off to visit with Tim's wife in the afternoons while Greg and Tim continued to meet regarding LightSys stuff. :)  We've been getting some good work done and are each looking forward to our respective sharing times at the upcoming ICCM conference.

But Monday, Greg came down with the flu. :(  Greg was an excellent sick patient, but it's still no fun being sick.  We laid low at our host home.  There were some definite upsides to being "home" for a couple of days.  I used some of the excess eggs from the chickens to make an angel food cake (from scratch!  I've never done that!).  Then while that was cooling, I raided the strawberry patch and picked about 14 pints of strawberries.  We enjoyed the cake and strawberries this evening and they were yu-mm-y!

This evening, Greg and I went for a brief walk to our host's pond.  A flock (12?) of Canadian geese had stopped in for a visit and one in particular was off by himself and was being very noisy.  So we followed it.  As we rounded the bushes, we saw him heading toward his mate... and four little goslings!  They were so cute!  They hopped in the water to get away from us and we watched them paddle across the little pond.

A wonderful husband, angel food cake, fresh strawberries, little goslings - small joys of life. :)  Thanks, God!

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Unknown said...

Everything but Greg being sick sounds like fun. Baby wild animals are always fun to watch....