Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well Aware

Yes, I'm well aware I'm a bit behind on the blog.  We'll catch up.  I had planned to catch up during the Super Bowl, but find myself a bit worn and wanting just to watch the game. Greg and I are in Upland, IN  where we had a rare chance to chat with some good friends this afternoon and are now watching the SuperBowl.  Well, and blogging.  and programming.  and eating ice cream sundaes. :)

We've been at Taylor University this week, sharing with students and professors about missions computing and recruiting interns to work with LightSys for the summer.  You can see our booth photo at the LightSys fan page on Facebook (even if you don't have a facebook account).  Become a fan! :)

Ice and Snow: Take it slow. The weather has been adjusting our travels at time.  An ice storm as we were leaving Texas led us to stop in Little Rock, AR for a night. (Yay for seeing Lowry's!)  And a snow storm welcomed our visit to Xenia, OH this Fri-Sat. (But caused us to miss a visit to the Schechters.)  Our next stop, Grand Rapids, MI, is forecasted to get 6-9" of snow the day we arrive (this Wed).  Lots of fun!

Below: Cool Photo of the Week
Photo: The Ohio state sign.  Photographer: Greg.  Camera settings: Digital macro.  Set by Dorinda when taking pictures the previous day.  Oops!

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