Monday, February 08, 2010

Quote of the Day

Greg and I were getting ready to leave our host home to go visit some friends this evening when our host called us down to the basement to see something.  We came and saw and commented and then I went back upstairs to find my shoes while Greg and the host chatted a few minutes more.

I got my shoes on and returned to the basement stairs, but since I knew they were coming up shortly, I didn't expend the energy to walk down the stairs.  I just leaned against the doorjamb, not in a hurry to leave the house or rush Greg in any way, but simply leaning there as I listened to their conversation.

Greg's back was to me, so he didn't see me, but the host glanced up and saw me.  He wrapped up his comments to Greg and then added, "Your missus is engaged in delicate non-verbal communication."

I chuckled and assured him that I wasn't in a hurry and they didn't need to wrap up their conversation prematurely because I was standing there.  We chatted a few more minutes together before we left. And then  I laughed all the way to the van.  Our host certainly has a fun time with words!

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: ) Hope you have a great day.