Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two states down...

It was a busy yesterday.  We tracked down some critical LightSys information, packed the van, closed up the house, said good-bye to Grandmother (who may be with Jesus before we return), replaced 2 fuses for the van, fought with the inverter and started on our trip.

We're going to see how many state signs we can manage to capture during this journey, so Oklahoma was the first with the bustling town of Manchester (pop. 91) in the background.

Here we encountered a nice winter thunderstorm, complete with torrential rain, lightening, and enough hail to cover the ground and crunch under the tires.  The white between us and the taillights in front of us is not just rain on the highway, but a covering of 1" hail. You can't see it well in the photo, but here tries...

And then, we pulled in to dear, old Texas.  Where we were reminded by the big green sign to "Drive friendly, the Texas way."  (Jen S., I think of you every time I drive by that sign...)

Today has been busy tracking down Kardia bugs, getting teeth worked on, having lunch with a couple wonderful friends, seeing the J-Fam again, and hugging a few necks at the GFA office.  So thankful for a quiet house while we're here so we can be programming-focused during the day.  Thanks, Fred and Luci!

Funny story from today: I was at the GFA office and used the lobby phone to call a coworker who could get me what I needed from a secured storage area.

Hi, it's Dorinda
"Oh, hi Dorinda. DORINDA - OH HI!"

Bob - you are too much fun!

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how fun. :)