Monday, January 04, 2010

One year ago...

It was a year ago today that I penned (okay, typed) this blog post:
There's been a few unexpected decisions this month... enough to make me occasionally go, "God?!?" Right now, I have peace to go ahead with some things and peace to wait for God's timing on others.
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my roommates were all gone.  I was sitting by the fireplace at the Robin Meadow house and planning to enjoy an afternoon catching up on the electronic world.  My blog was the first thing to get updated with a prayer request for "unexpected decisions" -- new staff Gen was arriving at GFA and someone suggested I room with her.  That was leading to apartment lease questions and much more -- decisions that I didn't want to face.  I just wanted my life to be "normal" and "restful" for a time.  No more leases or roommates or decisions or changes.

I casually posted that blog entry and then logged into facebook and from there checked my GFA email.  That's when I saw it... an email from Greg.

Aww... I know.  You don't want to read all this gushy stuff.  That's why we created this blog -- to tell the story of the amazing journey that God is taking us on.  His fingerprints are all over it and we want to spread the Word for the world to see.  All Glory to God!

Oh tell of His might!  Oh sing of His praise!
Whose robe is the light!
Whose canopy space!

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