Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We're home. Home! HOME! I am so thankful to be "home." Where is home? Well, we're officially Georgia residents and our permanent address is there. But we're temporarily living in a mobile home in Kansas as we seek the Lord on where long-term headquarters for LightSys will be.  We've been on the road since the wedding (November 14th) and are just now arriving at home.  Now we're trying to clean the kitchen and line the shelves and unpack boxes.  Each meal is a new adventure of finding dishes and utensils.

I went to make bubble pizza the other day and it turned into a chain of to-do's.  Need to brown the hamburger.  Can't do that until I slice the onion.  Can't slice the onion until I find the knives and the cutting board from my shower gifts.  Can't get out the cutting board until I clean off the counter.  Can't clean the dishes off the counter until I line the cabinet.  Can't line the cabinet until I wash the cabinet....

I finally went to put the bubble pizza in the oven and realized (or rather, remembered abruptly) that the oven has no racks.  Oops!  Praise God for a toaster oven Mr. Amazing had unpacked the day before!  And after the toaster oven blew a fuse and we had to find the multi-meter  and replace the fuse and move the toaster oven to a different plug and move the pizza to a different dish... we got to eat after all.  Eating is a good thing. And the pizza was yummy.  :)

Now about that oven rack... (story coming soon)


Jennifer said...

Sorry to say, you'll still have those problems after you're unpacked! Except then it will be dirty dishes and an non-unloaded dishwasher! haha :)
I've made a similar pizza dish before...I mix it all together. It's delicious!

Elicia said...

goodness. lots to do!