Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sleepy Morning

I'm at the office early this morning, hoping to get some work done before the office gets busy. I had hoped to walk to work and enjoy the cool of the morn (it's 72 here this morning. Cool(er) mornings - finally!), but this little sleepyhead didn't wake up in time. :P

I'm hoping to get some pictures uploaded soon... pictures of me and my adorable niece that was born in August, pictures of the bridal shower that my GFA family threw for me, pictures of Greg (of course...). We'll see what I get done...

Prayer items: I need to get my newsletter written this week. Lots of important updates and I need your prayers as I put it together. Pray for "DonorStudio" training that is going on this week at the office for some of our staff. And pray that I get lots of communicating and documenting done this week. :)

I praise God for you guys!

(Random July Pics...discovering the scenic routes of Oklahoma)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I hope you get the pictures uploaded! I'd love to see them!

Take care!