Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helpdesk Memories

We’re switching the main HelpDesk duties here at the office from myself to Domain Admin Eric and new IT person Tim. Since I’ve been the primary HelpDesk person here at GFA for almost 7 years, sometimes it gets interesting trying to separate HelpDesk from me. Desktop Admin was telling stories today from when he was originally being trained to help with HelpDesk several years ago and people were too used to talking to me…

Answers HelpDesk phone: HelpDesk, this is Josh.

Oh, oops. I thought I was calling Helpdesk.

is HelpDesk.

Oh, then never mind. I’ll just hang up and call Dorinda.

Poor Josh...

1 comment:

Elicia said...

sad. but the helpdesk story makes me smile :)