Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watching the sunset

A storm system moved through this evening while I was Auntie Candy's house for our weekly prayer/visit and supper. We watched as the local TV stations preempted their regular programs for round the clock weather coverage including helicopter footage, radar, and eye witnesses. I was pretty impressed! I think that's the first time since I've been here that I've seen the TV stations do continuous storm coverage.

I had spoken with Greg on the phone earlier as he was en route to ICCM and he was encountering major storms in OK. I have now have a little more empathy for his stormy travels. :P Why is it all the "really good" storms hit when we're not in the same place?!? (Greg and I both love to watch a good thunderstorm develop!)

The storms are leaving now - leaving our house without power. But the storms also left behind a beautiful golden sunset. Gen and I watched the sun lower itself through the lingering clouds and moisture and marveled at the deep pinks and golds of the evening.

When I was tempted to complain about the 80+ degrees in the house and no A/C, I was quickly reminded of the recent loss of homes and lives in West Bengal, India as a result of Hurricane Aila. At least 200 people killed, millions homeless, crops destroyed, and water supplies polluted with salt water.

A quote from one of our field correspondents: "Children are crying without proper food, and parents have lost hope. They look at the sky and weep. We can give no answer when they ask us with tears, ‘Where will we go now? We have no home, no cattle, no fields . . . '"

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