Sunday, April 05, 2009

Final Count - 37 supporters, 2 churches, 1 deer

I made it back safely from my 10 days support trip - glad to have seen so many of you and glad to be back with my GFA family as well.

The mission of my trip: visit those families in KS and OK who have been prayerfully and financially supporting me over the last six years as I served here at GFA. Share stories from the mission field and from my life with them, encourage them, fellowship with them, and find out how I can be praying for them and for their families.

The start of my trip was Friday, March 20th, when I left Dallas and headed for Hydro, Oklahoma. From there, I stopped by Okeene and Meno in Oklahoma and started up into Kansas. From there, I visited Coldwater, Medicine Lodge (where my sister L. joined me for the trip), Kingman, Wichita, Newton, Sterling, Partridge, Yoder, Hutchinson, Inman, McPherson, Lindsborg, Concordia, Olsburg (where I waited out the snow storm), Manhattan, Lawrence, Reading, Harper, Coldwater, and finally - Anthony.

I visited 37 supporter families and 2 supporting churches in 32 stops and traveled over 1900 miles in my little Toyota Corolla. Overall: Mission Accomplished!

My trip back to TX was a little delayed. I was about 30 miles out of Anthony on Wednesday evening (April 1), heading back to Dallas, when my car met a cute little deer. The little deer didn't survive. My car suffered injuries and is now at the West Street Body Shop and Fender Repair in Anthony, KS. I'm now driving a green mini-van. (Thanks for the loan, Mom and Dad!)

Praises: the Lord's grace in the planning, the Lord's safety during travels, costs covered for the trip, fun times with my sister L., hospitality and open guest rooms from so many people along the route! And you! I praise God for you! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I would not be here without you.


Unknown said...

Cars and Bambi shouldn't meet.....they seem to all too often however.

Hope that April goes good for you.

rubyslipperlady said...

Who do you know in Coldwater? My dad grew up there and we have plenty o' family still there (sometimes it seems like half the town).

Praise God for the successful journey and safety.