Saturday, March 07, 2009

Prayer Meeting and Sri Lanka

We just got home from March's all-night prayer meeting. I was tired today. I spilled avocado on my blouse before I even made it to my desk this morning. Got to my desk and realized I didn't have my laptop power supply. Drove home and grabbed the power supply and changed blouses and headed back to the ministry. I had no sooner sat down at my desk and taken a drink of smoothie when a frozen strawberry chunk viciously lunged at me, causing me to spill smoothie all over my face...and down my clean shirt. By that time, I just laughed.

I did need a reminder this evening: we have such a privilege to cry out to the Lord on behalf of nations and peoples that have never once heard the name of Christ. We are blessed to intercede for countries locked in civil war and paralyzed in idol-centered religions. The Lord has given us this opportunity - shall I not take advantage of it because "I don't feel like it."? God forbid! The Lord desires to work through our prayers. He is waiting for us to come and ask.

I drafted a few prayer requests for Sri Lanka this evening:

• PEACE in the country
• PEACE for the believers
• PEACE shared from the believers to their neighbors and the country
• PEACE for pastors and missionaries as they travel and share
• PEACE for the families of missionaries and pastors
• The Prince of PEACE to be known among the governmentt troops and the Tamil Tiger troops.

1 comment:

rubyslipperlady said...

I hate it when strawberries lunge at me.

Glad that the all-night prayer was good. I did one several months ago for a friend's sitution here and it was good. Work was hard the next day for sure. Although, I had no fruit lunge at me.

Have a great time on the road!