Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Super Bowl

Okay, so I have to admit I'm looking forward to the Davis's Super Bowl Party. In the midst of a day when I need to rest, clean, and prep for a new HelpDesk person starting tomorrow (YAY!), I've decided to justify the Super Bowl party by using that time to catch up on Facebook lists and chats. And think up 25 or so random things. (Can I do that? Justify one frivolous activity by using that time to accomplish another frivolous activity?)

Due to a facebook status (Joe Skillen), I stopped by the homepage to see everyone's favorite actor Windell on the front page. Windell was a college friend back at Sterling. We were never on the stage together - usually I was doing props or house manager - but were still part of various discussions on faith and theatre and acting and life. He traveled with ACT1 drama ministry team the summer before I did.

We got the rental house cleaned up and the keys turned in finally (yay!). The new students all got logged in and working on their logins last week. I had a wonderful time with my parents and L. when they visited the last three days. God's faithfulness has been evident in so many ways that it's been fun just to rejoice in it. (Thanks for your prayers!) And we've been praying for the anti-converstion law they're trying to pass in Sri Lanka.

Aren't you glad we serve a big God who cares about each detail of our lives? Praise God!

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Elicia said...

yes, you were quite the multi-tasker at the superbowl party. and i still need to look up that guy.