Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things Done (Praise God!)

Thanks for your prayers! By God's grace, a lot of things got done today. Morning worship went well (praise God!), IT training was completed (and properly appreciated), login and training for the new students happened (almost flawlessly), and the utility disconnects at the old house were all scheduled.

Gen and I were still waiting for a key that was supposed to arrive in the mail to the rental place we were going to examine. It still didn't come today, but someone else managed to get a hold of a key, so we went to check the place out. We loved it! So starting March 1st, Gen and I will be splitting a three bedroom/three bath condo about one-half mile from the office. It's furnished and gorgeous, so you'll have to come visit us - we even have an extra bed for you to sleep in. It's an awesome God-story of provision, so you'll have to ask when you come. So exciting!

My parents arrived this evening and they'll help me move the stuff from one garage to another tomorrow morning. I'm so thankful for my parents. And my sister L. She's asleep on a sleeping bag on my bedroom floor right now. I think I'll go join her.

(Jen and Aaron - you guys were on my prayer list today. No more being sick!)


Unknown said...

Glad that things are coming together for you.

Prayer requests:
Grandpa Turner...he's out of sorts and his Assited Living nurses want him to gain weight

That my wisdom teeth extraction will go well next week

D said...

Thanks, LT. I'll definitely be praying for both things!