Sunday, February 15, 2009

Soccer and sharing

Pastor spoke this morning again about evangelism and I had an opportunity to put in into practice after a short soccer game this afternoon. Although it was a bunch of GFA staff that had gathered at a local park to play, we invited Melinda, an interested bystander, to join us.

As the game ended, two of Melinda's friends came by to get her. I introduced myself and then found myself looking around for someone else to share the Gospel with them. But it looked like it was going to be me. I ended up talking to Melinda and Nicki and Jireh for about 30 minutes about their lives as 9th graders and about eternity. I talked to Melinda a little more personally and she'd like to get together and talk with me sometime. Please pray for the Lord to be working in these girls' hearts and for Him to draw them to Himself.

Two of my friends stayed in the background and prayed for me while I was sharing with the girls. That meant a lot to me. Thanks, E & S.

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