Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Friday Night Prayer Again!

It's been a busy week, so I'm a little bit tired at this Friday Night Prayer. We're taking a stretch/food break at the moment, so I stopped by my computer to print off IT Prayer Requests for a 12:30 prayer segment. We're asking for prayer for some database changes, new firewall deployment, and STAFF! We need full-time helpdesk and desktop staff. I praise God that we don't have to figure life out on our own, but we can pray and ask him and he answers!

We got an updated from the team at NRB this evening. The booth is almost all set up and ready for the conference to start - praise God! But the news also came in that Gen is still pretty sick (see previous post). She was diagnosed with bronchitis on Tuesday evening, but went ahead and traveled with the team on Wednesday. Keep praying for her healing.

It was also really neat at prayer meeting since some of our staff have just returned from a trip to India. One of the group leaders was sharing about how her time visit the leprosy ministry impacted her in an unshakeable way. Maybe I'll snag one of her photos to post here soon.

I've got an empty house at the moment, but the J-Fam returns on Sunday. I'll be so glad to see them. Well, after I get the house cleaned... :)

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