Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old Married Guys

It was a beautiful 70 degrees this morning with a high up close to 80. I did laundry. I don't put my jeans in the dryer, so winter days nice enough to hang my jeans on the clotheslines are greatly appreciated. Otherwise, the jeans get draped around the house. Then I feel bad for my roommates.

Today's soccer game was held in honor of Renee's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Renee!) I arrived just as they finished dividing teams. Reports Admin and Desktop Admin yelled for me to join their team, so I did. A goal and a few minutes later, Rich and his kids arrived. "Come over here, Rich," the guys yelled. "It's the old married guys against everyone else!"

What?!? Since when did I become an old married guy?


Unknown said...

hmmm....maybe team names should have a little more thought put into them!

D said...

I have to admit, they did amend it quickly. "The old married guys and Dorinda vs. everyone else"

Elicia said...

oh, that's funny.