Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stretching Week

Today had its own share of laughter and tears and praises. I had to ask for forgiveness multiple times today, but praise God for faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who love and forgive. That makes all the difference.

Honestly, it's been a stretching week for me. I made a decision that the students living with me weren't really excited about. Hey, I wasn't all that excited about it either. And today I kept thinking about it. But it's interesting. I had peace and still have peace about the decision. I'm just stressed over everything (anything) else.

At GFA Ladies' Meeting this evening, I mentioned fear as a ongoing challenge in my life. One of the ladies responded, "You know what to do with fear, right? Confession and forgiveness. Fear is a sin. It's not trusting God." Ouch. Truth. I was grateful.

You can pray for me to trust. :)

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