Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nike shoes and a New believer

Today was another one of those scary days - evangelism outreach. To be quite honest, I'm always a little scared and intimidated when we set aside time to deliberately witness to strangers. Sharing the Gospel is something that I'm learning to do in my everyday life at the gas station, the grocery store, and other places. But anytime, it's very stretching for me.

Several GFA staff and School of Discipleship students went to a large outdoor market today for evangelism. One of the students and I were paired up as a team, handing out tracts and talking to people. We met and prayed with Jori and Georgette (already Christians) and spoke with several others including Brandon, Tony, and the-lady-who-looked-very-sad-and-spoke-no-English. We continue to pray that the Lord will work in their hearts and bring them to know him.

We also spoke with Elizabeth - a young Hispanic lady who was manning a Nike booth. Short version of the story: Elizabeth didn't really know anything about God or Jesus. We shared the Gospel message and she said she wanted to ask God to forgive her of her sins. I told her she could talk to God just like she talked to a friend. And so she did. "Hi God..."

To be honest, I've never shared the Gospel message with someone who wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior at the end. I keep wondering if I explained things right or if it was all real. I do have her phone number and email address and plan on getting her in touch with a local church (she's about 45 minutes away from where I live). She doesn't know any other Christians. Please pray that God will lead me to a church family that will reach out to her. Pray for her to read the Gospel of John we gave her and for the Lord to make himself real to her. And pray for her dad who has recently returned to a drug and alcohol addiction.

Angels in heaven rejoicing...

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Wow, Dorinda, that's so awesome.