Sunday, October 05, 2008


Started to blog. Got distracted. Friday Night Prayer was great. Jes did a wonderful job sharing about her time in India. Lord answered prayers. Rested. Slept. Laundry. Clean Sheets. Hope Fellowship is going to be promoting the Christmas Catalog in December - yay! Hot chocolate and games with friends tonight. Good. Praise God for Starbucks gift cards! Needing to trust God instead of trying to accomplish things myself.

Convoluted connections - Jo Shetler (author of one of my favorite books And the Word Came with Power) spoke at MissionsFest Seattle this weekend. I wasn't there. But a friend blogged about her sharing time and included the comment: "She particularly emphasized the efficacy of prayer, saying repeatedly that God answers any prayer that will bring Him glory"

God answers prayer. I needed that reminder.

Gotta sleep. G'night.

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