Sunday, September 07, 2008

Daily Life

I spent this afternoon dressed in 70's garb for a college friend's birthday party. (Happy Birthday, Michael!) It was good to hang out with him and his family and with the Schweplers (who drove down from Kansas City for the event)!

I've been working on Bible study, reading Blue Like Jazz, and cleaning my room today. And trying to spend time with God. It was good this afternoon to just sit. Quietly. And then clean my room. In silence. I resented the noise of the air conditioner slightly. So I turned the thermostat up.

Now I'm off to bed. Quietly. After I brush my teeth.

Prayer notes:
* Cas and Jes are heading to India on Saturday!
* I'm leading an evangelism/witnessing outreach on Saturday!
* I've got another busy week at work - pray I get stuff caught up and my NEWSLETTER WRITTEN!

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