Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lightning Flashes

I'm working on supper plans for tomorrow (bierocks) and watching the lightning out my window. Jes and I walked to the post office this evening - just so I could watch some more lightning! I love to see God's power in nature! (Oh, and Big K - thanks for the surprise!)

We had all the interns at our house this evening as one of the ladies in the ministry shared her testimony and some things the Lord was teaching her.

*pauses to stir the cabbage and meat*

One of the verses she mentioned was Jonah 2:8 - Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

It made me think. What worthless idols am I clinging to?


rivergreg said...

Psa 97:1-6; Job 38:19-38. Indescribable :)

ginabnina said...

My mommy and I made bierocks when she came down to visit, We put some in the freezer and I've been eating them a lot lately. (However, the recipe that you linked us to sure uses a lot more ingredients than we ever do.)

Also, just curious: What sides to you typically serve with bierocks? (Our family always serves scrambled eggs and green beans, but I guess that's a rather odd combination.)