Monday, June 16, 2008

His Spirit Within Us

I haven't been on my computer at all much in the evenings - leaving my blog suffering as well as my personal correspondence. These few weeks are the calm before the storm. Although Jes was gone the last two weekends and Caz is gone the next weekend, the "busy-ness meter" is generally down. My room is clean, my laundry done, and we made do-nuts last night from Grandmother Coulter's "Best of Washington County" cookbook. Yum, yum!

We're going through 1 John 4 in Bible Study. How do we know God's love? What is the difference between knowing it and believing it? Do we really believe it? I mean, do we LIVE like we believe it? And the whole God-dwelling-in-us-And-us-dwelling-in-God thing that is repeated three times in five verses? Does that "just happen" as a result of being a Christian or is there a daily choice on our part to dwell in Him? Just questions we've been discussing...

It was a joy to see college friends Ed and Andrea and Jeni and Michael briefly last week. Although our vists were brief, it was good. I had never seen Ed and Andrea's youngest three kids. We talked small towns and community and real church and the tornado that took a swath through Chapman, KS (nowhere close to my family). But Anna does have some awesome pictures there. You can see the path of the tornado through the town.

And my family started wheat harvest in KS. I talked to my Dad on Sunday and he reminded me of God's faithfulness and grace in all situations. I love my daddy. He reminds of God.

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