Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy (Fun) Weekend

Let's see... Saturday morning was errands and cleaning. Saturday afternoon at Celebrate Freedom, we handed out Free Books and talked to people about child sponsorship. There was a steady stream of people for our three hour shift -- it was good we didn't have to talk much longer than that. We almost went hoarse from trying to yell over the noise of the bands. I shared the story of Nibun with two ladies that visited the table. One of the ladies sponsored a Bridge of Hope child and the other sponsored a native missionary. Praise God!

Sunday morning, I ran a 5K with my coordinator's 14 year old son. I hadn't trained at all and hadn't run since the last 5K on the 4th of July, so we took it easy and finished the race in about 31:29. I'll still be sore tomorrow. But it was a good race - ran solid, didn't walk, kicked it at the end... they've tagged me in some photos on facebook.

I attended late service and had an awesome conversation with my pastor. It seems the Lord had been teaching us the same lesson from the same verse during the last two weeks! We were pretty amazed.

We had a pool party at a staff family's home this evening - soccer, tetherball, hamburgers, pool... I tried playing basketball in the deep end for a while - and that completely exhausted me. And I was reminded: "The Lord is in control." It's basic, I know. But I needed to hear that.

Next week is the RYP conference - you can pray for me for details this week as we get everything set up to print and assemble the thousand+ nametags. I get to coordinate that and then I'll be helping with registration/general information during the conference. Oh, and please pray that my local pastor will be able to attend the conference!

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