Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Testing Outlook 2007 sans Word 2007

Even I was amused when I got to the end and looked back at the random text I typed while testing grammatical and spelling features.  You probably won't be so amused, but at least you'll know I'm alive.


This is the day. :)  Ha-ha!


Can you mispell this email?  It can switch letters, but it doesn't unerline.  Let's see if it swaps you’re my documents.  Yep, it did.  Thier love is the answer.


GRammatical MIstakes anyone?

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Dorinda said...

Okay, too weird to see my own name come up on my blog because I KNEW I didn't leave that comment :) I've met two other Dorinda's in my life - I'm old enough to say that's not very many...