Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Starting the year - Bible Study

The internship year has started full force. Last week was busy with supper at someone else's home every evening. MTW was orientation activities. IT training was Wednesday and then Outlook and Excel training was today. It's been a busy week or two. And I'm still fighting off this cold thing. I get better and then I don't.

Caz has been delayed (I'm not sure when she's coming), but Jessie and Cassie and I are enjoying our time together. You can pray that Caz gets here soon. PLEASE pray that Caz gets here soon. Some things are kind of "on hold" until she arrives and I would really like to start the year well.

We're getting ready to volunteer on Saturday at Mission Arlington and we're excited about that. Well, at least I am. I think the girls will like it once they get into it.

Things are busy at the office. One of my co-workers in the IT department will be starting the GFA Spanish department -- translating Revolution in World Missions and other materials into Spanish so the Spanish churches and believers can partner with us. It just means there are fewer people to do the work in our department in the short-term.

Enough with this really long post. I'm off to bed.

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