Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Critters

Pulling into Wichita for Thanksgiving, I tuned in to KCFN - the local AFR station at 91.1FM. I was mildly surprised to hear a radio spot sharing, "Needing something special for Christmas this year? How about a goat or a pair of chickens? Or even a water buffalo? Stop by our website at and click on the Christmas Catalog banner; brought to you by AFR and Gospel for Asia."

Tuesday night at GFA prayer meeting, I heard a familiar voice in the back of the room. Looking around, I saw Sharon Geiger - the morning news anchor for Dallas radio station KCBI. She traveled to India recently to see the ministry of GFA and had come to share about her trip at our prayer meeting. Sharon will be sharing about her trip on air at KCBI each morning next week at 7:40am and encouraging their listeners to get involved with the GFA Christmas Catalog. (You can listen live at

The GFA Christmas Catalog is catching attention all over the place. And this Sunday I get to share 500 copies with the families at Hope Fellowship - my church in Frisco.

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