Monday, September 17, 2007

Quiet Day

It was a quieter day in the office - I was actually working on getting past projects completed. My teenage helper and I actually worked on a couple tasks that had not been touched since May! Prayer: I have a meeting tomorrow to train some staff on software that I'm not sure I understand. Pray for wisdom and vision for me and clear communication.

Field - Several of our students in India were beaten this weekend. You can read their story and pray for them here.

Home - continue to pray for God's strength and direction to finish the year well. We've had quite a few situations this year that make us ask, "Why, God? Why is this happening?" Pray that we'll continue to have perseverance and His joy and peace in the midst of it.

Randomness - I came across a computer file today labeled "blog ideas." Many of them are quotes from various teaching times. I'll try to share a few over the next few blogs.

Today's quote from Brother K.P.: When you don't feel like praying, pray anyway. That's when you pray by faith.

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