Wednesday, September 26, 2007

California and beyond

AJ and I were in California over the weekend for a friend's wedding. We saw the Pacific Ocean (in the rain), visited Santa Cruz, took pictures with the redwoods, danced with 1880's dancers, attempted to capture our reflections in an elevator, and praised God for "Mavis" (our loaner GPS unit).

Oh, we also attended Sheri's wedding! Sheri was one of my interns from August 2005-2006. It was neat to get to visit with her family and to meet her (now) husband and his family! They have such a heart to follow after the Lord and serve Him in ministry. Congratulations, Sheri and Matt!


J said...

D, I have always been impressed by your skills and abilities, but you have outdone yourself!

I only wish that I had the eyesight to see the Atlantic Ocean from California! I would have thought the earth's curvature would have blocked your view. Were you looking at a reflection of the Atlantic off a satellite?


D said...

Hmm... I remember thinking as I typed that in that I needed to put the correct ocean name. Fixed. :)

(silly Jesse...and Dorinda)