Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Running as a team

This evening, one of my interns banged on my door and said, "We're going running, wanna come?" Soon we were all in running shoes, heading down the sidewalk -- 4'10" Dee running beside 5'8" Steph with 5'4" Sara and 5' 10" me following close behind. The laughter and stories and fellowship reminded me of my days with the SC cross country team. Okay -- so the pace today was a little slower, but the teamwork and encouragement and mutual challenge was there! And the killer sprint at the end was still there too!

Since I started my interest in running as part of a cross country team, I've never been a good solo runner. There's the occasional run by myself, but it's not a usual thing. I miss the companionship of a team.

Kind of like our spiritual lives, I guess. God created us to live in community -- to run together. While some people like to live their lives solo, I need to run as a team or I get too self-focused, too discouraged.

I've been blessed with a wonderful family-family and a wonderful GFA family to run alongside me! And then there's you -- thanks for being part of my team!

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