Thursday, May 17, 2007

Failing Resolutions

So... my resolution to keep my blog updated has ended up as happening as the rest of my recent resolutions. Maybe you can pray for self-discipline for me.

Praises and prayers:
  • I got my newsletter written - about 60 of them are stuffed and need mailed out. Pray for the rest that need done. :)
  • The Lord opened up an opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my auto mechanic. Pray for Brian as the Lord is working in his heart.
  • Praise God for a safe trip to Kansas last weekend and a wonderful time with my family.
  • Praise God that my brother has a job in VA starting June 4th. He'll actually be moving out there this coming Monday.
  • Praise God for His peace and grace and rest in the midst of the battle. Pray that I wouldn't slack off with the lessening of crisis, but that I would be strengthened in the Lord for whatever He has ahead.
  • Thank you for your prayers for the interns and myself -- God continues to show us His faithfulness in tangible ways and encourage us.

Random quote from this week: We need to allow ourselves to be captivated by God instead of absorbed by our problems.

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