Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday Night Prayer

There's nothing like a good Friday All Night Prayer to help me start blogging again. Prayer finished a little early this time -- I'm back at the house preparing for bed and it's only 3AM. We were a few people short due to a massive storm system that moved through the area just before prayer meeting started. It just wasn't safe for them to travel.

It was interesting -- I was awaked about 6pm from my pre-prayer nap by tornado sirens. Slightly panicked, I ran outside (smart, Dorinda!) and couldn't figure out what was going on. We were getting rain and wind and the clouds were dark, but there was no green sky, no wall cloud, no rotation, no fingers dipping down from the sky. Why the tornado sirens? Surely if there were tornado sirens, there must have been a tornado spotted.

My intern girls already had the news on and a tornado was being report in Haltom City -- about 45 minutes SW of us. I'm guessing the sirens went off since the southern part of Carrollton was in line to receive the northern part of that cell. We live in northern Carrollton, so we didn't even get the "teacup-sized" hail they were advertising. We did get wind and rain for about 15 minutes, but that was the worst of it.

Topics from prayer meeting: Indonesia, Radio ministry, the upcoming Gospel Music Association event, more staff for our Canadian office, more opportunities for our staff to share about the ministry in churches, and the huge need for additional child sponsors.

Quote from prayer meeting: The Holy Spirit is the "how" to accomplish the Bible's "what."

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Anonymous said...

Well, we were supposed to have snow. We lucked out and just had rain all all night. LT