Monday, March 19, 2007

Thanks for praying

We had a quiet weekend -- one of my girls headed to CA to visit family and friends and the rest of us enjoyed some downtime. The lawn was supposed to get mowed. I spent most of the time pulling up weeds instead -- prickly weeds that I don't really want to cut up into pieces and scatter all over the lawn for fear of multiplication. I know, the plant probably doesn't work that way, but I'm not taking the chance. This plant would if it could. Personal vendetta and all that...

Part of my work this morning was busy getting new GFA volunteers logged into our network and helping them understand security and our computer system. New staff/volunteer login is part of my regular responsibilities and I look forward to it -- it allows me to meet all the new people personally.

I know someone out there is praying for me -- today started and ended as a God-Where-Are-You day, but inbetween there was peace. And even in the midst of the ending, there was the reminder that I can't stand on feelings. I need to be girded with truth, defended by righteousness and faith, and having done all -- to stand.

It's one thing to use your defensive armor. What does it look like to advance with the Word? (Eph 6:17)

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