Monday, March 12, 2007

14' foot walls

Saturday, the intern team went to Stony Ranch - a challenge course about 30 minutes north of us. We spent the morning doing team-building activities and challenging each other. The afternoon was spent on the high ropes course and challenging ourselves.

We closed the day with a 14' challenge. It was a 14' wood wall -- straight up -- with a platform on the opposite side. It was our job as a team to get all 12 of us team members over the wall in 16 minutes. It took some struggle, quite a few bruises, and a lot of trust.

At the end, it was a reminder to me. I didn't feel badly about stepping on Sara's knee to help me reach the top, or holding for dear life to the hands that grabbed me from the top. I knew I couldn't get over the wall by myself and I knew I needed the help of my team.

When I face obstacles or trials in my life, they often look like that 14' wall. But I don't have to face them by myself. Each of you are a part of my team -- supporting me, praying for me, grabbing my hands and pulling me up, reminding me that you're not going to let me fall. I praise God for you.

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