Friday, December 22, 2006

Off to Virginia

I just finished signing my Christmas cards and I'm all packed to fly out tomorrow morning to Virginia. (I think my suitcase is overweight. I'm debating which will be the first item to go... my hairdryer? hot hollers? winter coat?) My Kansas family drove out to my older sister's home in Virginia and arrived there this afternoon. We'll enjoy Christmas together and then prepare for my older sister's wedding on Saturday the 30th. (You're welcome to stop by His, Hers, and Theirs blogs for more information. )

I was reminded again this morning during our morning prayer and worship time of the reason Christ came to earth. His work was just beginning--leading to redemption through the cross. And He has left the Comforter with us -- the Holy Spirit to seal us, guide us, and make us more into the image of Christ. I praise God that He's doing the work through me. I sure mess up enough on my own.

On a lighter note, we signed the rental lease for the house where I'll be living with the Road to Reality interns starting January 27th. Praise God! Pray for the landlord and repairman as we have submitted a list of repairs that are needed. :)

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Anonymous said...

HOpe that you had a Merry visit and Lovely Christmas......I'm sure Charlessa's wedding will go well. God bless you and yours. LT