Saturday, September 30, 2006

VA, Training, and the Creek

Last weekend saw me in VA spending time with my sister C. I enjoyed sister time, a pig roast, sharing about GFA at her home church, walking with C and her fiance, petting kittens, and hiking a small piece of the Appalachian Trail. I did not enjoy rushing through the DC airport and almost missing my flight. Excitement!

This week was medium busy and next week is extremely busy. We're planning Excel training for the office staff on October 10th. The new version of GFAnet (our intranet) needs to be live at the end of next week. We have visitors in the office, new Helpdesk Assistant starting on Tuesday, and the change of our office from a T1 line to FIOS for our internet happening very soon.

After a busy week, this Saturday was also appropriately busy. I got my bike from its temporary home and visited the office, a friend's home, the donut shop, the post office (thanks, Kate!), the bank, and home... only about 5 miles total. The afternoon included wading through the creek at Arbour Hills with two GFA youngsters. My car got its annual inspection this evening. I'm just a little wiped. :)

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