Monday, July 24, 2006

Continued trusting

Today was an exciting day...
  • The inside driver's door handle broke as I climbed out of the car this morning. So now I have to roll down the window to let myself out of the car. (Pray for a quick fix at the mechanic's.)
  • One of our staff wives is in the hospital with severe chemical imbalance problems after the recent birth of a daughter. They're looking for people to take the night shift watching the baby while they get the mom back to full health. (Pray for Tiffany and family.)
  • The GFA office was broken into over the weekend. The theives took ten laptops, 4 two-way radios, and the candy from my candy dish. (Pray for the leaders as they work with the police and for the thieves to know the Lord.)
  • One of our staff members at GFA left the ministry today -- never a fun thing, especially when it is someone you're particularly close to. This also affects some of my living plans for the next year. (Pray for wisdom and direction from the Lord for all involved.)

And I continue to pack up the house for our upcoming move this weekend. Between all the excitement today, I helped New Zealand update their intranet page; trained a new operator for the phone system; created documentation for adding pictures to GFAnet; and replaced one monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse (all belonging to different people).

Praise God that He is faithful and He never changes!


Brettin said...

Hey Dorinda. Looks like this will be the place to check and see how you're doing for when I'm back in Tulsa and can't just run into you in the hallway. *sniff sniff* Anyway, in case you're interested, my blog will be

Love you!

Rachel said...

No way! They took the candy from your candy dish? :) Seriously, though, I know what you mean ... it grieves my heart to think that someone would break in to a ministry. Really reminds me of the spiritual battle we're in every day. Yes! I'm so glad God is so faithful ... I have definitely been seeing that in everything with losing my grandmother.
Love ya,