Sunday, May 07, 2006

On being humble...

This quote was mentioned at prayer meeting on Friday during a teaching about what it meant to be humble: "I'd like to be humble, but what if no one notices?" That struck a little too close to home. :)

Several of the GFA staff/interns were at our house this afternoon for a sari wrapping party. Two of the girls had spent several months in India and were teaching the rest of us how to wrap/dress ourselves in our saris. After we all succeeded, we decided to stop by the local Baskin-Robbins for buy-one-get-one-free sundae deal. The store is owned by a local Indian family--they were so excited when eight of us entered in traditional sari outfits. They snapped pictures and asked if we found the outfits comfortable and where we got them. One of the guys stated excitedly, "I knew there was a good reason I came to work today!"

We enjoyed our sundaes too!

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That was fun!