Saturday, February 18, 2006

Steadfast and unmovable

I was privileged to hear from one of our leaders in India this week. He shared with us the situation of church and pastor in a rural Indian village. The pastor has been ministering in that area for four years and has a sizable church as well as five mission stations (church plants) that he is leading. The work is growing so quickly that a team of five Bible women have joined him in ministry there.

This week, an anti-Christian group came to the pastor and told him the church can no longer meet in the area to worship and he must leave or they will hurt him. The group also threatened the Bible women and the church believers.

The leader shared with us, "The pastor does not want to leave this place. The believers are steadfast. The Bible women are unshakeable. This Sunday, they will dare to worship the Lord."

This is just one story of many that are happening across the 10/40 Window. I may never be able to update you on what happens with this specific story. I may never know myself this side of heaven. But would you take time this weekend to pray for them?

What if it was your church and pastor? And when was the last time you "dared" to worship the Lord?

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