Friday, February 10, 2006

Squash or Oak

Thank you for all your prayers! I can so tell people have been praying -- the "what if" and "if only" questions that I often tormet myself with have been non-existant this week. And that's something that's not of me, but I know it's a result of you guys praying. Thanks for the notes in the mail and comments (all one of them) and emails and for your concern.

I've titled this week the "Moment by Moment" week--reminding myself constantly to take my concerns and fears back to the Lord and ask for His peace and direction. And He is faithful in guiding.

The last few days have been busy in the office as well. We have a new intern, Paul, who is helping us in IT. He's been learning quickly to help me with my helpdesk duties, but it does take extra time to train him. Bro. KP is preparing to return to India, so I've been working on some IT projects for him. And tonight the entire staff was called together for a special time of teaching with Bro. KP. He challenged us to not fritter our days away with social activites and surface desires, but to remember the urgency and the shortness of time in reaching the lost.

It was commented to me this week by another staff member: "It takes 3 months to grow a squash and 60 years to grow an oak. Which would you rather be?"

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