Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fertilizer in my Garden

Well, after a week of prayer and agonizing, the new intern at my house - JH - has decided that GFA is not where God is calling her to be. Her parents are arriving tomorrow morning to pick her up and take her back home. It's been an emotional week for us all.

Bro. KP reminded us in prayer meeting tonight of those who "live for encouragement and die without it." After his teaching time, he opened up the session for us to share with one another how they encouraged us and pray with them. It was good.

But even now I feel like the battle is intense. I think it's just the battle inside of me. I can choose to keep my focus on the Lord and I think the Lord will grow me tremendously during this time. Or I can choose to panic and throw my hands in the air and not do the growing.

I kinda feel like God just put fertilizer in my garden and everything's trying to grow like crazy. Thanks for your prayers--maybe you're the garden hose. :)

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