Saturday, January 28, 2006

An evening of spagetti - a year of growth

JH said good-bye to her parents and brother today about noon as they started out on the six hour drive home. The girls in my house spent the afternoon talking..and talking...and talking. I napped for two hours in the middle of it and they were still talking when I woke up. Community building in progress, anyone?

We got to meet the three new guy interns tonight as their house came to join us and the intern coordinators for spagetti and salad and brownies. As the evening wore on, discussions of sports, Ultimate Frisbee, families, churches, and dreams for this next year filled the living room. It was interrupted at times by 6 year old Kimberly. Her parents are in India for three weeks, so she's been staying with one of the intern coordinator's family. Since the lady taking care of her has only boys, I took time to french-braid Kimberly's hair tight enough to keep her eyes open and hopefully keep her hair out of her face for the next four days.

Me: "If you need something more to drink, Josh is strong enough to pour more apple juice for you."

Kimberly: "But, um, Auntie Dorinda, um... Josh isn't stronger than Jesus."

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J said...

I love the connections made by yough kids! If I were Jeff though, I'd be flattered - apparently she thinks he's strong enough to be worthy of a comparison with Jesus! It's good to see Jesus being so much a part of a youngster's life, too!