Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Prayer for Gujarat and Texas

This week has been busy as I've been part of the new intern orientation classes a good chunk of yesterday and today and will be again tomorrow. Meanwhile, printers continue to spew forth excess tonor, Palms continue to have errors, and permissions on the network continue to change. My coordinators are on their way to India in less than two weeks, so the network is giving out problems - our packetshaper (think something that controls huge amounts of computer talk in an office) is having connection problems and we got a new one in the mail today that they'll be installing tomorrow. You can pray for that!

JH - our new intern - has been a blessing in the house as we all reach beyond our normal comfort zones to lift her up and encourage her and welcome her to the house. We can all use your prayers for guidance and wisdom and knowing the Lord's will. One of my interns is visiting the doctor on Thursday to check for bronchitis and JH is struggling with a bad headcold too.

Gujarat: a state in western Indian that is fanatically Hindu. We received word of a festival that is being held there starting on February 11th. The Hindu party is estimating that 500,000 Hindus will gather in a remote tribal area of the state under the slogan of "Arise oh Hindus! Throw out the Christians!". The gfa.org website will soon have information, but you can follow this link to a detailed article as well.

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