Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Welcome to my kitchen...

As I write this, my kitchen is crowded with hot cocoa cups and Christmas cookies... and with people. The interns and the rest of the discipleship team is here tonight for our Christmas party. We started with a white elephant gift exchange and then moved to praise time for the last four months and then a time of prayer and then fellowship.

As I type this, my attention is split between the blog I'm writing and the current conversation about having the love of the Lord so pouring through our lives to others. And living our lives just wanting to know the Lord more. And choosing to give up all of ourselves to live for Him--not because we have to, but because we want to.

Do we trust in God's character? Do we trust that God is who He says He is? What about those times we say, "But God..."? Do we not trust that He has our best interest in His Heart?

We talked about Bro. Lawrence and how his service was to work in the kitchen at the monastary where he lived. Tracy commented bluntly, "Bro. Lawrence could chop onions for the glory of God and too often I work at GFA for the glory of Tracy."

The Lord is more concerned about who we are than with what we do.

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Anonymous said...

Praise god for good Christian fellowship!
Bro. Tracy is a true encouragement to me, so often. Remember heb.12.2