Friday, December 16, 2005

GFA Christmas Dinner

The GFA US office family gathered for our Christmas dinner this evening. I wore the sari that I purchased in India last March and was quite comfortable. (I spent two hours last night adding fabric to the top of the sari cloth so it would be long enough to hang properly -- it worked well!)

We had a time for food (we brought mashed potatoes), singing, Christmas presents, teaching from the Word, and fellowship. We rejoiced over the thousands in Asia who are celebrating Christmas for the first time. And we also reflected on the untold millions yet to hear the news of "Joy to the world. The Lord is come."

Have you driven around to see the Christmas lights this year? I went walking with a roommate the other day through a nearby neighborhood and admired the beautiful light displays. Extra points for nativity sets. Negative points for oddly blinking lights.

House after house after house of Christmas lights. John challenged us this evening-- see the millions of lights that comprise the brilliant displays? Now imagine -- each light on each string, that's someone who hasn't heard the Gospel yet.

John said it might change the way we view Christmas light displays.

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Anonymous said...

I have a classmate with family from India. She says Sari's are "one-size-fits-all". I guess they don't take into account extra tall ;)I am glad your outfit "editing" worked out.