Thursday, October 06, 2005

WebGUI conference

I arrived in Las Vegas Tuesday night for a conference on WebGUI - the content management system we use for the designing and updating the website and the intranet (internal website) that I'm setting up for GFA staff.

I'm immersed in conversations about cascading style sheets and asset managers and this session coming up will be covering templating language. I think it could be translated into "making a web page look the way you want it to look."

Some of you are thinking, "Wow! She knows so much!" Well, I really don't. Most of this is greek (or "geek greek," as one person described it) to me. And sometimes I would like to go AHHHH and leave this for someone else to do. But, I continually remind myself, if I can help our home staff be better equipped and able to find the information they need in the home office, they can more effectively help our staff on the field.

Pray for quick understanding!

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Anonymous said...

"geek greek!" that's funny.... (And yes, I'm still reading!)