Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pubs, music, and gospel tracts

Yes, it is really 3:15AM right now. I just walked in the door of my house after an evening of witnessing. We didn't end up going to the State Fair for witnessing, but instead to Sundance Square in Ft. Worth. We arrived about eight in the evening as the nightlife was heading into full swing. We spent about two hours in the Square, took an hour and a half for prayer and sharing, and then returned to the square for another two hours.

Definitely an experience. We left tracts on tables and handed out tracts to people walking by, but we focused more on simply conversing with the people we met.

Just a few...three runners getting ready for a Cancer Run. They wanted to know if I was blogging this. They were Christians, but not living their faith. Two upper teens, Stephanie and Roxanne--I shared the gospel with them and they were really affected by it. Pray that God will speak to their hearts and send other Christians into their lives. Jared--he was drunk and probably won't remember anything I said in the morning. I gave him a gospel tract to put in his pocket. Elaine--a twenty-something who had just left Catholicism to attend a local Protestant Church. I was able to encourage her in her walk with the Lord and able to witness to her family. Brook and her brother Dwight--friendly people who wanted me to come party with them next weekend. Their cell phone started ringing everytime I started talking about repentance. Dwight asked me to call Brook--he said it could really make a difference in her life. Pray that the Lord will work in both of their lives.

I left the evening glad we had gone to Sundance Square and challenged to reach out more to the people I meet in my area. Unlike Kansas, many people around here have never heard the Gospel message. But I also left with the renewed conviction that God is calling me to serve at GFA first and foremost.


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J said...

Praise God for opening up so many opportunities during your time there! And who knows how many kingdom things have been started which can't be seen right now.

"According to the grace of God which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it."