Monday, August 08, 2005

Raining in a new year

We had what might be called torrential rains in Carrollton this afternoon. From my second floor window, it looked like the building had been inserted into car wash. The rain poured for half and hour and as the pressure lessened, we could see the water flooding 5-6" deep through the parking lot. You would have heard phrases like, "Look at all that water!" and "Wow, look at it pour." Then the rain lessened and we all went back to work.

But as I walked back to my desk, it dawned on me how blessed I was. Because that's not what happened in Mumbai. 10 days of torrential rain was followed by 238,000 people left homeless. Parents without jobs. Children without parents. Families without food.

And just like I walked away from my window and forgot about the rain, so the world has walked away and forgotten about Mumbai. "Bombay has returned to normal!" the headlines read. But I wonder, would the families who lost their homes and posessions agree?

The rain storm here cleared the humidity from the air and created a perfect evening for a walk at the nature preserve. A beautiful beginning to my 27th year.

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