Monday, February 28, 2005

Praise God for the 45 Bridge of Hope children that were sponsored at Acquire the Fire - San Antonio this weekend. It was a good weekend--complete with a nice little lesson about trusting God in the midst of unknowns. At 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, I knew that my volunteers would be leaving in 90 minutes and I would have the last six hours to handle two booths and tear-down by myself. In the midst of utter uncertainty, a local missions director called my cell phone. He said he was given my number and told to call me. So I told him what I needed and he came to help out. He was an awesome blessing from the moment he arrived at 4:30 until the last box of cards was counted and loaded up at 10:00. Praise God!

Roommate AJ's been sick again. I stopped by Blockbuster this evening to get her a free movie rental. I decided to pick up Much Ado about Nothing. I couldn't find it. So I checked with the employees and the computer database.

"What's it called? Much To do About Nothing?"
No. Much ado about nothing.
"Much Undo About Nothing"
No. Much ADO about nothing. a-d-o
"a - d - o. Is that one word or two?"
One word. Ado.
"Much ai-do about nothing?"
Much ado. a-d-o about nothing
"Much ado about nothing?"
"That would be in the comedy section. But we don't carry that movie."

12 days until I leave for India. I called the passport center this morning and they said my passport should be in Friday or Monday. Then I still need to get my visa. Please pray!

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