Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I had the privilege of sharing about the tsunami relief effort with a Bible Study group tonight. Or at least I thought I sharing about the tsunami. But JR and his wife showed the Call to Harvest DVD and then the eight group members began plying me with questions! I talked and talked and listened and talked. I finally got the tsunami and prayer requests covered and then they had more questions. And more questions. They asked how the administrative costs were covered if 100% of the tsunami and missionary funds went to the field. So I shared with them about support raising and how that works. Then one lady asked, "So if we want to sponsor a missionary like JR has done, how do we do that?"

Oh the joy of seeing people get excited about the ministry. I passed out information cards and several people seemed interested. We'll pray for fruit from the meeting. Then JR and his wife told me they were increasing the monthly amount they give toward my support!!!

Oh, AND I got news today that someone from the Baptist Church in Okeene (where I have shared twice in the past) is sponsoring a missionary!

THANK YOU! For your prayers!

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